Renewable energy production methods, in the form of solar power, wind power, ocean wave power, and geothermal power, have gained in efficiency over the last few years due to a great amount of research and development and marketing that has taken place. These renewable energy sources continue to increase their market share of the worlds’ energy needs in relation to non-renewable hydrocarbon sources, which are continuing to deplete. However, these renewable sources have a long way to go before they make a significant dent in the use of non-renewable sources. Much work still needs to be accomplished in promoting their use, bringing down their cost per kW/h generated, and reducing the carbon footprint of the community of nations, which still relies mainly on the hydrocarbons for energy production.


Very recently the U.A.E. Utility Companies, particularly DEWA in Dubai, have announced that they will start allowing the grid connectivity from private solar PV installations, provided the private owners pay for the devices and their installation to allow the grid connection. This watershed event will at long last set the solar PV market into high gear in the U.A.E.

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Finally Solar PV installations will not need the very expensive battery systems for storage on site, and will allow the solar installations to be much more effective, with pay-back period calculations halved, making it much more profitable to install solar PV.

Also, within the last 6 years, reliable solar PV installations have reduced greatly in cost per kW, from about $7.00 per watt to about $2.00 per watt. (Utility level installations) This reduction in cost has been driven by a large increase in efficiency of the solar cells and a competitive market for manufacturing the panels.

MECSD is anticipating a large increase in the need for solar installations and solar design services, particularly in the Dubai Market.

In addition, there is a growing need for Infrared Imaging of building facades to verify that buildings meet the air leakage requirements and thermal bridging reduction defined in ESTIDAMA Pearl and EHS green building regulations.

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