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The Middle East Centre for Sustainable Development (MECSD), established in 2007 to facilitate sustainable development within the UAE and throughout the Middle East region, was the UAE-pioneer in providing sustainable services for major development clients, multi-national corporations, government, and utility agencies.

Services include sustainable development with regard to IoT Smart City services, development of corporate and government sustainable policies and regulations, facilitation of building and community green certification with local regulations and globally recognized rating systems, environmental investigation services, green planning and design services, and research and development for sustainable communities, buildings, and material practices.

Our commitment to sustainability pervades the MECSD organization and continues to be our prime motivation to maintain an active and sustainable presence in the Middle East as well as globally. Our CTO coined our motto “There is no way to sustainability… Sustainability is the Way…” This ideology continues to guide MECSD as we carry on to serve the Middle East with our excellent portfolio of sustainable services.



The Middle East Centre for Sustainable Development (MECSD) was established in 2007 to facilitate sustainable development within UAE and throughout the Middle East region.

MECSD is headquartered in Dubai within the Pacific Control Systems' Platinum Rated Green Building in Techno Park, the first LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified Platinum Rated building in the Middle East and the 16th Platinum Rated building in the world.

Over the ensuing years that MECSD has been providing an impressive array of sustainable services to our many satisfied clients, the sustainable development consulting company has developed a proficient, knowledgeable, and technical staff of Architects, Engineers, and Specialists, as well as efficient tools, calculation methodologies, and successful strategies that have enabled our many clients to achieve or even exceed their sustainable development goals.

MECSD has a large, experienced and talented staff from which to draw specific skill sets for various sustainable development tasks required on our projects. MECSD specifically has Energy Engineers in-house to prepare and analyze energy consumption of buildings under various scenarios, using different proposed case energy conservation measures utilizing the latest energy modelling software.

MECSD also has in-house capabilities for lighting and day lighting analysis, and computation of water consumption. In addition, MECSD has BIM capability, using REVIT Autodesk suite of software for creation of 3D and 4D intelligent imaging of each project,

enabling the stakeholder team to interface seamlessly on projects for state of the art analysis. Using these tools, MECSD has been able to raise the targeted level of certification of many clients during the facilitation process.

MECSD has learned over the years of providing sustainable development services to our clients, that it is the constant vigilance of our green building coordinators, and an almost day to day or weekly interaction with the stakeholders that protects and ensures that the project teams stay on task from beginning to end of the design and build process, and that the proper green documentation is available and recorded as it occurs. Only then can the full implementation of the green building features and systems of our client’s facility and the certification level desired be assured.

MECSD collaborates with its sister-corporation, Pacific Controls, to provide our clients with seamless sustainable services that offer Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology solutions, including Smart City applications, green building and infrastructure design and installation, measurement and verification plus real time monitoring of sustainable measures. ICT and IoT solutions have an important role to play to deliver green buildings and infrastructure, since they achieve more with less. ICT and IoT solutions foster competitiveness within the global development industry and create new approaches for smart cities, green buildings and infrastructure.

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