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The Middle East Centre for Sustainable Development (MECSD), established in 2007 to facilitate sustainable development within the UAE and throughout the Middle East region, was the UAE-pioneer in providing sustainable services for major development clients, multi-national corporations, government, and utility agencies.

Services include sustainable development with regard to IoT Smart City services, development of corporate and government sustainable policies and regulations, facilitation of building and community green certification with local regulations and globally recognized rating systems, environmental investigation services, green planning and design services, and research and development for sustainable communities, buildings, and material practices.

Our commitment to sustainability pervades the MECSD organization and continues to be our prime motivation to maintain an active and sustainable presence in the Middle East as well as globally. Our CTO coined our motto “There is no way to sustainability… Sustainability is the Way…” This ideology continues to guide MECSD as we carry on to serve the Middle East with our excellent portfolio of sustainable services.



As one of the leading Green Building Consultancy firms in the Middle East, we offer unparalleled opportunities for talented individuals in search of a rewarding career in the sustainable development field of work. We engage in personal training and development of our new employees, because as part of our CSR commitment, we are invested in developing successful sustainability professionals in the region.

MECSD is proud to have encouraged and trained many of the sustainability professionals that are now operating in the region.

As a seasoned veteran of hundreds of sustainability projects within the Middle East, we are the perfect training ground for young graduates just entering the field of sustainable development. Because of our close relationship with the emerging IoT, Smart City, and other ICT programs of Pacific Controls LLC, we are always at the forefront of cutting edge technologies in sustainable development research and development.

And because our success depends on the acquired skills, determination, and dedication of our employees, we recognize our employees as highly valued resources.


At MECSD, we reward our employees for their contributions to the company’s success, and provide resources for them to achieve their professional goals. MECSD offers a comprehensive benefit package designed to support the health and work/life interests of our staff and their families.

We’re looking for skilled individuals who consistently excel in their work, and give the unexpected but much appreciated extra effort for our projects and our clients, and approach their work with the enthusiasm and creativity that comes from a real commitment to the sustainability profession, and to making the world a better place, now and in the future.

To apply for a career (consulting or full-time) opportunity with MECSD, you may forward your resumes for future manpower pooling or respond to one of our identified positions currently available, at our email address info@mecsd.com.
(see job descriptions below)

Positions Available for applications:

If you are interested in filling one of our needed positions, please forward your resumes for our review and consideration at our email address info@mecsd.com.

1. Green Building Energy Coordinator
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